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Laser Hair Removal

Experience the newest technology available for removing unwanted hair! Though over 13 lasers are on the market, only 5 are certified by the FDA for achieving permanent hair reduction. Our clinic has selected the Lightsheer™ Diode laser for its advanced permanent hair reduction capabilities.

Lasers have dramatically improved since they were first introduced! Our laser does not oblige clients to undergo painful waxing or application of black liquid carbon prior to treatment that more primitive laser treatments required. The only prerequisite of the Lightsheer™ Diode laser is that the hair be close to the skin; therefore, the area should be shaved before treatment. Aloe gel is applied after shaving so that the laser easily glides over the skin's surface.

Our laser treats over 100 hair follicles per second! An upper lip can be done in just a few minutes; a back in 60 to 90! A bikini line takes less than 30 minutes, and forearms only require about 45 minutes. Most clients require 4-6 treatments with about 4-6 weeks between each.

The majority of laser treatments are fairly comfortable. Since every client has a different tolerance level, we are happy to provide topical anesthetics if desired. One client even commented that a back laser treatment felt like a massage! However, since no two people are alike, we will work with each client to ensure their maximum comfort during treatments.

With the ever-increasing popularity of laser hair removal, the ability to offer unsurpassed results to the largest variety of patients is crucial. The LightSheer Diode Laser System, with its unique combination of laser parameters and patented ChiIITip protection, makes this a reality.

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Electrolysis treatments result in permanent removal of unwanted hair by inserting a fine probe into each hair follicle (a natural skin opening). We then apply current and epilate to remove the treated hair. Once the hair is treated, it should slide out of the follicle. Clients should never feel the hair being tweezed or pulled; if this occurs, the follicle has not been sufficiently treated.

Thermolysis: Also called Flash or Shortwave. This method involves high intensity heat to destroy the hair follicle.

Galvanic: This method uses water and sodium that is naturally found in your body. When current is applied, it creates a chemical reaction in the follicle. The product of this chemical reaction is sodium hydroxide, which destroys the root of the hair.

Blend: This method takes the best of both of the other methods and combines them! It uses heat from the Thermolysis treatment, but at a lower setting, so it is much gentler. The Blend Method also uses the reaction from the Galvanic Method that results in chemical decomposition of the hair. This method takes only about 4-10 seconds per hair.

Our clinic prefers the Blend Method. The average client will require treatments for a year, though it could be up to 18 months if the hair has been waxed or tweezed. The frequency of the treatments can vary, depending on how much hair is present and how quickly the client wants the hair removed. Electrolysis is great for small treatment areas, or if the client has blonde or gray hair. For clients with dark hair, we recommend Laser Hair Removal.

15 min $25.00         30 min $40.00

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Microdermabrasion is the most revolutionary skin restoration process! It is used for skin resurfacing and for treating a wide range of skin abnormalities/inconsistencies. Microdermabrasion regenerates the epidermal cell structure by increasing the skin's elasticity and collagen, resulting in more youthful skin. This process is performed with a jet of fine mineral crystals that are gently vacuumed across the skin to remove dead and damaged skin cells and to stimulate the collagen beneath the surface of the skin (which improves skin tone).

This procedure can benefit all skin types, such as: aging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, acne scars, enlarged pores, dull skin, and chickenpox scars. Microdermabrasion take about 20 to 30 minutes, and you should see results after only one treatment! For lasting results, a series of 5 treatments, once every two weeks, is optimal. Since the procedure is virtually painless and has few side effects, Microdermabrasion is the perfect way to enhance your skin! Consistent use of skincare products helps maintain the results achieved through Microdermabrasion.

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Permanent Makeup

Intradermal (Micro) Pigmentation, also known as Permanent Makeup, is the perfect solution for those who are tired of applying traditional cosmetics on a daily basis, have sensitive skin, alopecia, shaky hands, facial scarring, etc.! From subtle eyebrow tinting, to full lip color and bold eyeliner, the staff at Advanced Laser Hair Removal Center can do it all!

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Spa Services


    Essential Manicure
  • Shaping of nails and cuticles. Warm aromatic towels and hydrating massage are applied before polishing.
  • $25.00
  • Essential Pedicure
  • Includes a foot and leg exfoliation along with necessary care of nails and cuticles. Includes a gentle massage and finished with the polish of your choice.
  • $50.00
  • Manicure Breeze
  • Hot towels, cleansing, shaping of nails, and polish.
  • $15.00
  • Pedicure Breeze
  • Hot towels, cleansing, shaping of nails, and polish.
  • $25.00
  • Grape Peel Pedicure
  • Utilizes grape derived enzymes along with fruit acids designed to gently remove dead skin cells and calluses.
  • $60.00

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Each facial service begins with a skin analysis and consultation. Our facials are designed to refresh and rejuvenate you and your skin! We want you to feel the results!

    By River's Way Signature Facial
  • A customized facial with our "Eminence" handmade organic skincare line. The ultimate in pampering! This facial starts with a mini back massage, followed by cleansing, toning, exfoliation, steam, light extractions, and a mask. We wrap your hands and feet in warm towels followed by an indulgent massage.
  • 90 min $120.00
  • Champagne Facial
  • Truly an intoxicating experience! This luxurious facial uses the anti-oxidant properties of grapes to remove dead skin cells, fade age spots, and deeply hydrate the skin.
  • 60 min $90.00
  • Gentleman's Facial
  • This facial addresses a man's skincare needs, including prevention of ingrown hairs and razor burn. We start with steam and gently exfoliate and extract clogged pores. This is followed by a relaxing massage of the face, shoulders, neck and upper back. Tailored to meet a busy man's schedule!
  • 45 min $60.00
  • For the Woman on the Go!
  • A half-hour "freshen-me-up" facial that cleanses, tones, and exfoliates! Followed by a mini application of Jane Iredale, "the skincare make-up" for eyes and lips.
  • 45 min $60.00
  • Miracle By River's Way
  • We have taken the microdermabrasion and "lunchtime peel" to another level. If you want to see immediate results, this is for you. We accompany a medical microdermabrasion treatment with our eminence organic pumpkin peel. We apply one of our custom organic masques to help soothe any redness or irritation, so you may slip back into work with more radiant and fresher looking skin.
  • 35min $90.00
  • Just the Basics
  • Less than a European facial, more than our mini. We cleanse, exfoliate, tone, apply light extractions, and a masque. Also, warmed towels for your hands and face!
  • 60 min $75.00
  • European Facial
  • Our truly classic facial using Eminence skincare, from Hungary, to deep cleanse, tone, and exfoliate. Warmed towels for hands and face. Truly escape and let us pamper and rejuvenate you.
  • 75 min $100.00

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Seasonal Indulgences

Occasionally, we have creative and truly unique facials from Eminence to celebrate the season! For example, in the month of February, we offer a Chocolate Cherry facial. These products are so pure and contain only natural preservatives (such as lemon juice and soy), that you can actually taste them! See if you can resist this European chocolate! Check our website and newsletters for these seasonal specials.

    Power C Paraffin with Collagen Facial Vitamin C treatment with Paraffin
  • 45 min $85.00
  • Bare Summer Skin All Year
  • We start with an Eminence peel. Microdermabrasion for heels, elbows, or knees.
  • 15 min $60.00
  • 30 min $100.00
  • Back Facial
  • Can't reach that bare back? Let use cleanse, exfoliate and extract clogged pores. We'll lightly massage and apply a masque to refreshen your back. Helps sooth and relieve tension, while cleansing and toning your back at the same time.
  • 60 min $70.00
  • Teen Facial
  • Skin care lesson includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, and moisturizing. Includes a make-up application using Jane Iredale mineral makeup.
  • 45 min $55.00

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Waxing & Tinting Services

  • Chin or lip wax      $14.00
  • Brow wax       $18.00
  • Underarms       $20.00
  • Facial wax- sides      $20.00
  • Bikini       $30.00
  • Brazilian        $75.00
  • One-half Leg      $45.00
  • Full Leg      $75.00
  • Full Leg and Bikini     $85.00
  • Thighs and Bikini     $70.00
  • Feet        $20.00
  • Full Arm       $50.00
  • One-Half Arm      $35.00
  • Lash and Brow Tint     $40.00
  • Lash Tint       $22.00
  • Brow Tint       $25.00

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Body Treatments

    Champagne and Rose Scrub
  • A tantalizing body treatment using the powerful antioxidant and exfoliating properties of the grape. This exotic treatment is perfect for sun damaged, dry and aging skin. "Vi┼łatherapy" which is treatment with grapes in skincare, dates back to the French King Louis XIV where wine was applied to the skin to produce healthy, radiant skin. Includes mini facial.
  • 90min $90.00
  • Lavender and Vanilla Sugar Scrub
  • Experience true luxury of essential oils, lavender harvested from flowers in South of France! We use vanilla and sugar to exfoliate the body. Includes mini facial.
  • 90min $90.00
  • Parafango
  • CTherapy wrap. Parafango is a mixture of paraffin wax and dehydrated mud. A perfect combination for treating cellulite and speeding inch loss due to thermal properties of paraffin and detoxification effects of mud.
  • 60 min $100.00
  • Lip Treatment
  • No More Dry Cracked Lips! Three step organic lip treatment.
  • $25.00
  • With a facial. $15.00
  • Eyelashes
  • Semi-permanent
  • $75.00

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Makeup Application

    Jane Iredale Mineral Make-up Application
  • 30min $40.00
  • Special Occasion Make-up
  • $50.00
  • Make-up Application and Lesson
  • 60min $60.00
  • Bridal / Special Occasion
  • Includes practice make-up session, and day of event make-up.
  • $110.00

Free 15 minute make-up application with any $50.00 or more purchase of make-up.

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is the #1 cosmetic demand today. Everyone loves a whiter smile! Studies have shown that there is a correlation between having a higher self-esteem and having a whiter, more confident smile. Here is how it works:

  1. Customer opens prefilled kit with all supplies included and has the option to determine beginning shade with included disposable shade guide.
  2. Customer cleans teeth with included wipes and applies 1 Vitamin E swab to the lips for optimal comfort.
  3. Customer opens vacuum-sealed prefilled tray pouch, inserts mouth tray and positions Whiter Image L.E.D. light for 15 minutes. Process is repeated with new prefilled kits for additional whitening.
  4. Customer leaves with a whiter, brighter smile and returns for additional Whiter Image ToGO Pen purchases and follow-up Whiter Image™ prefilled tray kits with the LED light as needed.

Current Pricing Special..........$69 per treatment

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